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What is mp3dings?

Mp3dings is a Java MP3 tagger and organizer with a clean spreadsheet-style user interface that permits processing many files in parallel. It has powerful automation capabilities. ID3v1 tags and most of ID3v2 are supported. With mp3dings, you can easily Programs with similar scope usually lack the ability to process a large number of ID3 tags at the same time. Mp3dings is written in Java and can thus be used on every platform for which there is a Java Runtime Environment.

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What is an ID3 tag?

ID3 is a standard to store meta-information (author, title etc.) inside an audio file. An ID3v1 tag takes up a fixed number of bytes at the end of the file. This makes ID3v1 easy to implement but also severely limits the kind and amount of data such a tag can contain. ID3v2 tags on the other hand can be arbitrarily large and can be used to store just about any kind of data. Naturally, this makes it quite hard to implement routines that read and write these tags. Mp3dings fully supports ID3v1 tags and a core set of ID3v2 frames (which will be extended gradually). For more information on ID3 tags see

Where can I get it?

You can run mp3dings (stable) instantly with Java Web Start, or download a release from SourceForge. In either case, you will need Java 6 or later (try "java -version" to find out the version of your JRE; you can get a free JRE from Sun).
If you want to compile mp3dings yourself please download the source jar file. You'll also need a JDK version 6 or later and JavaHelp 2.0, both are available for free from Sun.

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