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Recommended players for mp3dings

The following table lists some popular free mp3players that you can use with mp3dings. Select Options/Preferences from the menu and enter the commands in the respective fields. Then activate the recommended mode by clicking on the corresponding radiobutton and hit "OK".

Name OS Download "Play" command "Enqueue" command Mode
XMMS Unix xmms xmms -e list of files
amaroK Linux/KDE amarok amarok -e list of files
Winamp 5 Win path\to\winamp.exe path\to\winamp.exe /add playlist file
Winamp 3 Win ? path\to\studio.exe path\to\studio.exe /add list of files
Winamp 2 Win ? path\to\winamp.exe path\to\winamp.exe /add list of files

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